Who We Are

MedNet for Sustainable Peace

The Mediators Network for Sustainable Peace, Inc. (MedNet) is a network of individuals and professionals from non-government organizations (NGOs), people’s organizations (POs), Church and government that uphold and promote the principle of Empowering Dispute Resolution/Dispute Management Processes or EDRMP in conflicts on land tenure, natural resource and inter and intra-organizational disputes involving or affecting marginalized sectors and other key stakeholders. MedNet envisions itself as a resource center of consensus builders who are committed to community empowerment, gender equity, justice, democracy and ecological balance towards the attainment of a peaceful nation.


MedNet’s members are based in different parts of the country and are actively involved in mediation of community disputes, often involving multi-parties aside from actual mediation, MedNet also offers the following services to members, non-members, individuals, groups, institutions and organizations: