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The theme of this year's National Conference is "Mediation in these Critically Challenging Times.” The run-up to the 2022 national elections had been characterized by a battle of information between those who wish to revise history and reflect a favorable image for the former Marcos dictator and his family and those who wish to elect leaders based on a good governance platform. Social media became a battleground by either camp. And we witnessed the growth of a people's campaign characterized by a spirit of volunteerism on one candidate’s behalf. 


While the election and return of the Marcoses to power is a great election issue, other conflicts remain rife: the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao remain a fragile and conflict-affected society, with rido (violent clan conflicts) exacerbating during election period. Our indigenous groups remain a victim of red-tagging as they continue to defend their ancestral domains. The urban poor often clash with the government on the latter's Build Build Build! projects, with prospects for decent relocation and housing outstanding issues. Agrarian reform beneficiaries are beset with second generation land reform problems. And victims of conflict and natural disasters continue to be displaced while facing conflicts regarding housing and social services. Environmental conflicts and climate change issues continue to be urgent concerns.

Through the National Conference, MedNet sees the need for mediation to be mainstreamed in government and private institutions, and in communities and courts. We need to update our constituents on developments in this front, while at the same time introducing new creative ways to promote mediation and conflict resolution wherever conflicts are present.

At the end of the conference, participants will be able to:​

  1. Share their mediation experiences in their respective communities along thematic issues.

  2. Highlight lessons learned and best practices on mediation.

  3. Propose Action Plans for the next three years on enhancing mediation skills and establishing conflict resolution mechanisms in their respective communities.

The two-day event will be held online on August 3 and 4.

Registration for the National Conference on Mediation is now closed. Thank you!


DAY 1 - August 3



Welcome Remarks


Keynote Presentation on Mediation in these Critically Challenging Times by Mr. David Fairman


Morning Thematic Parallel Sessions

  • Session A: Agrarian Dispute Resolution 

  • Session B: Ancestral Domain Dispute Resolution 

  • Session C: Estate Management Dispute Resolution 


Morning Plenary


Lunch Break


Presentation on Disinformation and Conflict Resolution by Atty. Odina Batnag


Afternoon Thematic Parallel Sessions:

  • Session D: Case Study on Best Practices in Institutionalizing ADR in Government 

  • Session E: Rido Resolution 


Afternoon Plenary

DAY 2 - August 4



Welcome Remarks


Keynote Presentation on Philosophical Aspects of Alternative Dispute Resolution by Professor Miriam Coronel-Ferrer


Morning Panel Discussion

  •  Intraorganizational Disputes (panel discussion)


Morning Plenary


Lunch Break


Presentation on Resolving Political Differences by Rachel "Che" Aquino, MedNet Managing Trustee


Afternoon Thematic Parallel Sessions:

  • Session A: Housing Dispute Resolution 

  • Session B: Environmental Dispute Resolution 


Afternoon Plenary

Registration Fees:

Base rate: P1,500

Group rate (min of 20 persons): P1,000 

Base rate (with training on EDRMP): P10,000*

*Possible membership in MedNet and accreditation from the Office for Alternative Dispute Resolution 

Be a sponsor:

  • GOLD PACKAGE: P 50,000 

    • Inclusions: 

      • Free rate for a group maximum of 20 persons

      • Company logo inclusion in promotional materials

  • SILVER PACKAGE: P25,000 

    • Inclusions: 

      • Free rate for a group maximum of 8 persons

      • Company logo inclusion in promotional materials

  • BRONZE PACKAGE: P15,000 

    • Inclusions: 

      • Free rate for a group maximum of 4 persons

      • Company logo inclusion in promotional materials

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August 3 to 4, 2022

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