Membership to the Network shall be on a voluntary and individual basis. The Network  reserves the right to accept and reject solicited or submitted applications from individuals  based on a set of criteria. To be admitted as a regular member, a person must:

a.1. be a resident and a citizen of the Philippines;
a.2. adhere to the adoption, application and promotion of the Ethical Principles of  EDR/MP Facilitators
a.3. must have mediated and documented at least one (1) case in the last two years;
a.4. be willing to pursue the objective of the Network as stated in this Constitution  and By-Laws;
a.5. have paid the required total membership fee of SIX HUNDRED PESOS broken  down as follows: membership fee of P350.00, electronic identification card of P150.00 and  annual dues of P100.00;
a.6. have a good track record in her or his community and/or office, work area; and
a.7. must have undertaken at least a basic orientation workshop on EDR/MP.

Acceptance of membership in the Association of EDR/MP facilitators commits us, as  member, to adhere to these principles of EDR/MP Facilitators:

Competencies Required:

Conflict Mapping


EDRMP Strategy Development


Facilitating, Healing and Reconciliation Process

Designing a Conflict Management System

Has proficient knowledge of systematic processes and techniques in mediation, conciliation or facilitation of dispute resolution process

With at least one experience in facilitating dispute resolution/management process

Qualifications for a member to qualify for the Board Position:

•An active member for at least one year

•A consistent and firm believer of the principles of EDR/MP as concretized in his/her handling of disputes

•Credible to his/her peers and key partners of the Network

•Supportive and a promoter of a the Ethical Principles of EDR/MP facilitators

•Willing to serve and meet the demands required of the position

Qualifications to be admitted as a regular MedNet member:

•Be a resilient and a citizen of the Philippines

•Adhere to the adoption, application and promotion of the Ethical Principles of EDR/MP Facilitators

•Must have participated in conflict resolution processes and documented at least one (1) year case in the last two years

•Be willing to pursue the objective of the Network as stated in this Constitution and By-Laws

•Have a good track record in his/her community and/or office, work area

•Must have undertaken at least a basic orientation workshop on EDR/MP

Types of Membership

The Network's membership shall be composed of ACTIVE and HONORARY 


defined as having practiced EDR/MP at least once in the last two years, in any of the following:

•Mediation of at least one case;

•Undertaking of conflict assessment;

•Resolving conflict in the context of training;

•Observation and documentation of a mediation session;

•Building consensus in meetings of any kind.


recognized peace makers who will provide inspiration to members and support to fundraising efforts and external relations of MedNet. Honorary members may be nominated by active members for BOT approval 

Procedures for Membership

Application for members and processing shall be in accord with the following procedures:

•The Secretariat shall provide an application form to the applicant;

•The applicant shall then submit his or her application form to the Secretariat or to any member of the Board;

•A screening committee shall be formed in the regional levels (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao) by the respective Island Trustee. The said committee shall assess the qualifications of the applicant and recommend approval or denial of the application to the Board of Trustees.

•Upon review of the criteria for membership, as stated in this Constitution, the Board shall confirm the approval or denial-depending on the recommendation of the screening committee-of the applicant's membership to the Network.

Duties and responsibilities of all members.

•Contribute to the best of his or her ability and expertise to the growth and development of the Network;

•Pay the membership fee and the annual dues regularly;

•Apply and promote the use of EDR/MP;

•Attend General Assemblies, meetings and other related activities;

•Acknowledge the source of Mediators' training materials used in whatever context.

Rights and privileges of active members.

•Priority in the search for mediators and trainers for activities initiated, arranged by the Network or requested by other organizations/institutions;

•Priority in the selection and recruitment of qualified staff for the management and operationalization of projects of the Network;

•Priority to attend conferences, seminars and other related events here or abroad wherein the Network may be invited;

•Right to participate in deliberations, decision-making and election during the GA;

•Regular and updated information on the Network's activities, new technologies, concepts, practices and developments in dispute resolution;

•Right to air grievances and file complaints regarding application of the principles and ethics of the Network concerning management and implementation of programs or projects by the officers and other staff of the Network.

Suspension and Loss of membership rights and privileges

•A member may be suspended from the Network by the majority of the Board and upon recommendation by any member of the Board for non-payment of membership dues and fees for two consecutive years.

•A member may be expelled from the Network by the majority of the Board and upon recommendation by any member of the Board due to any of the following reasons:

> Non-payment of membership dues and fees for three (3) consecutive years;

> Serious misconduct and/or willful breach of trust bestowed on her or him by the Network;

> Gross or habitual neglect of his or her duties;

> Conviction by final judgment of a crime involving moral turpitude;

> Other acts inimical to the interest of the Network.