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Types of Membership

Qualification requirements

Membership to the MedNet shall be on a voluntary and individual basis. MedNet reserves the right to accept and reject applications for membership from individuals  based on a set of criteria. These criteria are enumerated herein.

  • Must be a natural person and of legal age.

  • Must have attended an orientation about MedNet, and commit to pursue the objectives of MedNet, as stated in its Constitution and By-Laws

  • Must adhere to the adoption, application and promotion of the Ethical Principles of EDRMP

  • Must be of good standing in his or her community and/or office.

  • Must be recommended by a Board of Trustee, and approved by the Board.

  • Must have undertaken at least one training or basic orientation workshop on EDRMP

  • Must have practiced EDRMP at least once in the last two years, or Mediation of at least one case

  • Must have complied with the accreditation requirements of the Office for Alternative Dispute Resolution (OADR)

Processing Procedure

1.Submission of fully filled up Membership Registration google Form; 

2.Payment of Membership Application Fee in the amount of Three Hundred Pesos (P350.00);

3.The application is then presented to the Vice-President of the region where the applicant is located for verification and endorsement;

4.The Membership Committee then recommends action/approval/ disapproval to the Board.

5.Once approved by the Board, payment of annual dues of One Hundred Pesos (P100.00) for Associate Members, and One Thousand Pesos (P1,000.00) for Regular Members, should be paid before the regular General Assembly of MedNet or the end of each calendar year, whichever comes first; and,

6.Attendance in an on-boarding membership orientation.

Registration Fee

  • Must have paid the assessment fee required by the Office for Alternative Dispute Resolution (OADR)

  • Membership Fee of Php 350.00 *

  • Electronic Identification of Php 150.00 **

  • Annual Dues of Php 100.00 for Associate Member and Php 1000.00 for Regular Member ***

*One-time payment

**Paid when an ID is issued

***Must be renewed every General Assembly or at the end of each calendar year, which ever comes first

Rights and Privileges

  • Regular and updated information on MedNet's activities, new technologies, concepts, practices and developments in dispute resolution through our social media platforms and our publications

  • Discount in trainings conducted by MedNet

  • Right to air grievances and file complaints regarding application of the principles and ethics of MedNet involving the management and implementation of programs or projects by the officers and other staff of MedNet

  • Free  training in MedNet courses

  • Right to vote/participate in deliberations, decision-making and election during the General Assembly

  • Priority in the search for mediators and trainers for MedNet-initiated activities

  • Priority in the selection and recruitment of qualified staff for the management and operationalization of projects of MedNet.

  • Priority to attend conferences, seminars and other related events here or abroad wherein MedNet may be invited

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Contribute time, expertise and resources to the best of his or her ability to the growth and development of MedNet.

  • Apply and promote the use of EDRMP

  • Attend the General Assemblies, meetings, and other related activities, both on-site and virtual, whenever possible

  • Acknowledge the source of MedNet's training materials used in whatever context

  • Pay the membership fee and annual dues required to maintain active status in MedNet

Suspension and Loss of Membership

A member may be suspended from MedNet by a majority vote of the Board, upon recommendation by the Membership Committee, for non-payment of membership dues and fees for two (2) consecutive years.

A member may be expelled from MedNet by a majority vote of the Board, upon recommendation by the Membership Committee, due to any of the following reasons:

  • Non-payment of membership dues and fees of three (3) consecutive years;

  • Serious misconduct and/or willful breach of trust bestowed upon him or her by the MedNet;

  • Gross or habitual neglect of his or her duties;

  • Conviction by final judgment of a crime involving moral turpitude;

  • Willful violation of MedNet's Constitution and Code of Ethics;

  • Other acts inimical to the interest of MedNet


Voluntary Resignation: The member may choose to terminate his membership by tendering a letter of resignation to the   Board through the Membership Committee.

For interested applicant, kindly fill up the membership application form. Link below. 

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