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Be a MedNet member!

The Mediators Network for Sustainable Peace, Inc. (MedNet), has been thriving in the pursuit of sustainable peace for 21 years – resolving peace issues in the community through its flagship approach in conflict resolution called Empowering Dispute Resolution and Management Processes (EDRMP). Since its establishment in 1999, MedNet has been helping manage and resolve community conflicts involving agrarian reform, environment and natural resources management, indigenous peoples’ rights, urban poor housing, internal organization conflicts, among others.

MedNet expands its network of peacebuilding practitioners regularly through an open invitation for membership. An official membership with MedNet is a channel creating a space for peace practitioners to meet and dialogue, act together towards conflict resolution as one harmonious organization. A MedNet member receives invitations to various activities,

access to resource materials, and potential project opportunities, among others.

Filipino citizens with at least one conflict case mediated may apply for membership in MedNet. The steps in Mednet membership application include:

  1. Send a letter of interest via email or contact a MedNet staff or member.

  2. Wait for confirmation and verification email from MedNet. MedNet will request for basic information of the applicant such as name, date of birth, occupation and current affiliation, and background details on presence of conflict in and opportunities to resolve the conflict within the geographic location.

  3. Review of application.

  4. Application results will be confirmed through email.

  5. Introduction of new members of the MedNet community.

  6. Invitation of new members to activities and opportunities.

For inquiries, contact Mr. Steven Kiefer Sy at telephone number (+63) 863541 or email at

About the writer: Josephine Rodelas is an enthusiast and supporter of sustainable and balanced ecosystem for the Philippines where environmental protection and peace resonate. She specializes in environmental law specifically in Empowering Dispute Resolution and Management Processes to contribute to forming sustainable and appropriate resolutions to conflicts that root from access, use, and management of natural resources. 

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