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Given the 10-year deadline to reverse temperature rise, how can communities cope?


“It is the unevenness of climate impacts and accountabilities that makes climate change such a potentially divisive and explosive issue. We will need all the coolness and wisdom and mediation we can assemble to listen to each other so we can decide fairly and rightly how we shall deal with this crisis.” 

Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin, S.J. 
Manila Observatory (MO) Executive Director

“To cope with climate change, collaborative actions should urgently focus on socially inclusive, local and scaled-up engagement in landscape-seascape biodiversity restoration towards sustainability; utilizing integrated food systems approaches while addressing inequitable access, benefit-sharing of resources and economic opportunities particularly among vulnerable sectors (e.g. indigenous peoples, artisanal farmers/ fishers and women).”

Marivic Pajaro
Daluhay Daloy ng Buhay Inc. Executive Director

“We should act with dispatch to drastically reduce our reliance on fossil fuel, shift to renewables, ban further exploration for oil, stop forest degradation and plant more trees, and seriously implement the 50/50 goal, i.e., ensuring that 50% of our landscapes and seascapes are protected.”

Minerva Gonzales
Environmental activist and climate justice advocate

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