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What makes a good climate change mediator?

In the e-learning forum on Climate Change and Mediation on January 25, Dean Tony La Viña shares helpful tips for upcoming and veteran mediators.

  • Understand the science. Do not negotiate or mediate climate change cases if you do not understand the science. Part of it is understanding the science, where the science is, and where the uncertainties are. There are many uncertainties so you are mediating something where information is still flowing in. You must have the process of receiving and assimilating new information.

  • Like any mediation, the mediator or facilitator of climate issues must be aware of the power imbalance. Rich countries have more resources, have more negotiators, and have more information than poor countries. But how do you help poor countries? They can band together. They can be provided with support.

  • The indigenous peoples should be included in the negotiating table because they are most affected by climate change issues. They have to be a part of that so you will be able to put in a lot of principles.

  • The approach is not to fight. The approach is to negotiate from a position of strength. Sa mediation kasi you have to believe that you can convince the other side even if it seems impossible.


Watch the complete e-learning forum here.

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