President of MedNet

Experience on Mediation

Terre des Homme-ROSEA. Adviser and consultant for the development of a Peace Training Manual for Tdh partners working with children and youth in South East Asia. 2019-present.

Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Proces (OPAPP). With a team of experts, designed and facilitated courses on Conflict-sensitive and Peace-Promoting Programming for the staff and partners of OPAPP. August 2018-2019, on call.

Led the internal assessment of the Mainstreaming Peace and Development in Local Governance Program (MPDLGP) which was implemented by the institution from 2010-2017. June-July 2017.

KZE-Mediators’ Network for Sustainable Peace. Trainer and mentor for the 3-year “Spaces for Dialogue” program which is a continuing 2-decade partnership between KZE and Mednet. The program covers classroom training and on-the-job mentoring of community mediators for basic, intermediate and advanced courses on Empowering Dispute Resolution and Management Processes. Since 2016 and March 2019- present.

Designed, coordinated and led the conduct of a 4-day Mediators’ Refresher Course for the Mediators’ Network for Sustainable Peace (Mednet) which mobilized international mediators and peacebuilders as resource persons. July-August 2020.

Universalia. Philippine team leader for the Evaluation of the Girl-Powered Nutrition Program implemented by Nutrition International in partnership with the Girl Scouts of the Philippines. September 2018-January 2019.

UNDP-OPAPP Span Wave Program. Designed and conducted basic, advanced and mentoring training sessions on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in conflict-affected areas in Mindanao. 1998-1999.

Misereor-FAKT. Member of a team of evaluators for the Human Rights Sector of Misereor in the Philippines. July-September 2017.

AsiaDHRRA. On secondment to MyanDHRRA, facilitated organizational development processes through a series of mentoring and training interventions for the secretariat based in Myanmar. September 2016- March 2017.

John J. Caroll Institute for Church and Social Issues (JJICSI) and MISEREOR. Evaluated the 3 year program of JJICSI funded by Misereor. June-July 2016.

Terre des Hommes. Evaluated 5 Humanitarian Assistance Projects supported by Terre des Hommes (tdH) in Yolanda-stricken areas in Leyte, Samar and Northern Cebu. November-December 2015.

Asian Farmers’ Association. Designed and facilitated a strategic planning process for the Asian Farmers’ Association, an Asian network of rural farmers composed of more than 20 farmers’ organizations. Bangkok, Thailand. December 2015.

Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc. (PMPI) and MISEREOR. Co-evaluator of PMPI project on “Common Advocacies” focused on the outcome of coming together to advocate for the main issues of peace, sustainable agriculture, and disaster risk reduction-climate change adaptation. August 2015- present.

Institutional Assessment and Strategic Planning for a Peace Institution. Designed an conducted the internal assessment of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF), a government institution that was created to mobilize support for the Muslims in the Philippines and address the long term root causes of conflict in Southern Mindanao. September 2014- 2016.

DILG-Local Governance Academy. Designed and conduced a series of 4-cluster training activities on Mediation and Healing Mechanisms for LGU coaches in all regions. January 2014- August 2017.

COSERAM-GIZ. Designed and conducted training workshops on mainstreaming peace and conflict sensitivity in CDP-ELA for the provincial government of Surigao del Norte. November 2012- July 2014.

Summarized key processes and lessons in community entry and the use of peacebuilding and development needs (PBDNs) for conflict sensitive programming in guidebooks intended for the use of local government units and development planners. December 2014-May 2015

AsiaDHRRA-VNFU. Designed and conducted a series of training on Policy Advocacy and Constructive Engagement for the staff and leaders of the Vietnamese National Farmers’ Union (VNFU) in key provinces of Vietnam. February-May, 2013, March-April 2014.

PLAN International. Evaluated the BOPHA Response program of PLAN International in the provinces of Davao del Norte, Compostela Valley and Surigano del Sur. November 2013-February 2014.

Oxfam International in the Philippines. Evaluated the Gender Justice Program of the agency focusing on relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of projects implemented by partner institutions. October-December 2013.

International Development and Research Consortium. Presented a paper on “Beyond The Lens: Peace and Cpnflict Impact Assessment” highlighting the Philippine experience in PCIA. York University, Toronto, Canada. May 26-28, 2013.

UNICEF-Mednet. Team Leader for Sulu and Tawi tawi Peace and Conflict Analysis. Supervised and facilitated the conduct of research study on peace and conflict. February -December 2017.

Women Peacemakes’ Program-International Forum on Reconciliation (IFOR). Designed and facilitated two regional network consultations and strategic planning workshops among women peacemakers in Asia. Philippines in May 2010 and Indonesia in 2013.

World Health Organization (WHO)-Mindanao Research Consortium. Peace and development consultant tasked to respond to the summary of issues and policy agenda culled out from evidence-based studies on Mindanao. November 2012-January 2013

Center for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD Centre). Organizational Development (OD) Process Consultant for HD Centre-supported Tumikang Sama-Sama, a Sulu-based group of local facilitators for conflict resolution and peacebuilding. July 2012-ongoing.

Evaluated HD Centre’s 2-year EU-funded program on Preventing and Reducing Armed Violence (PARV) in Sulu. May 2012-July 2012.

Designed and conducted a series of training for local mediators and partners of the HD Centre in Sulu. February 2012- June 2012

International Labour Organization (ILO)- Green Jobs Program. Designed, developed training materials and acted as lead trainer for the Training of Trainers on Green Jobs Promotion for ILO partner-labor groups in the Philippines. February 2012- July 2012.

WOCAN-Asian Farmers’ Association. Designed and led a team of researchers in an outcome-based evaluation of a gender training project implemented for peasant women and men in the 10 provincial centers of PAKISAMA, a national network of peasants. September 2011- January 2012.

GIZ-KAHIL ICAMC. Designed and co-facilitated a series of training activities on Conflict Transformation and Designing a Conflict Management System for KAHIL –ICAMC, an inter-LGU alliance promoting sustainable coastal resource management in the province of Negros Occidental. September 2011- January 2012.

KZE-Misereor. As Resource Center Consultant for Mednet, leads the process of developing training and mediation services systems, including competency assessment of members and community mediators, training needs assessment and mediation module review and enhancement. December 2009- December 2011.

AsiaDHRRA-InciteGov. Facilitated a series of roundtable discussions and training needs assessment for Asian civil society organizations related to constructive engagement as an approach. Developed a curriculum for CSO leaders seeking to develop their competencies in constructive engagement. Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia. September 2010-May 2011

CONVENIO-Philippine Intercultural Foundation for Indigenous People’s Development (PAFID). Designed and facilitated a three-day training on gender sensitivity and gender based planning for indigenous peoples’ leaders in CARAGA. March 2011.

Mindanao Special Program of the World Bank. C0-facilitated a writeshop for the development of Gender Responsive Field Guide for BDA Peace and Development Catalysts. December 2007–January 2008

Designed and coordinated the implementation of a six-month capacity building program for women in conflict-affected areas which resulted to the development of a training module for women in peacebuilding, Philippines, January -June 2005.

Trained women-leaders among the Moro, indigenous peoples and mainstream sectors in Mindanao as facilitators for the capacity building initiative entitled “Harnessing Women’s Healing Energies for Peacebuilding”. September 2006- present.

Aus-Aid-Catholic Relief Services. Undertook an external evaluation of the Grassroots Peace Learning Center, a seven-year training program for Mindanao grassroots leaders. September-October 2010.

CORDAID-KAISAHAN. Co-evaluator of the Area Specific Development Program of Kaisahan which CORDAID has supported since 2000. August-September 2010.

GTZ-funded Training on Mediation and Negotiation for their Reference Group. Served as resource person for the reference group of the GTZ-funded Conflict Analysis. December 2009.

AusAid Project with Mindanao Commission on Women. Designed and facilitated cluster-based workshops on “Reflecting on Peace Practice” among Area Core Groups of the Commission. Presented the results during the annual ‘Kamindanawan’ conference held in February 2010. November 2009-February 2010.

AusAid-Peace, Conflict and Development Assessment. Conducted Phase I of Peace, Conflict and Development Assessment (PCDA) for the Provincial Road Management Facility (PRMF). November-December 2011.

Member of a team of national and international experts which advised the Aus Aid supported program on Provincial Road Management Facility (PRMF) on the peace and conflict impacts which should be anticipated and addressed in the implementation of the program. May-July 2009.

Safety Guarantee Unit-Asian Development Bank. Member of a team of facilitators for Multi-stakeholder Consultations on the Safety Guarantee Policy of the Bank. November 2008

International Working Group on Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA). Served as team leader for evaluators of the Ancestral Domain Support Program (ADSP) implemented by AnthroWatch and Indigenous People’s Exchange (IPEX) covering indigenous people’s communities in the Philippines. Worked with two consultants from Peru specializing in the land titling process. April 2008.

European Commission (EC). Evaluated a two-year Program for Rehabilitation and Development in Mindanao which was jointly implemented by Christian Aid UK and Muslim Christian Agency for Relief, Rehabilitation and Developmet (MUCARRD) in conflict-affected areas in Lanao, Bukidnon and North Cotabato. February-March 2008.

ICCO--Melanesian Organizational Development (MODe). With a partner-consultant, designed and facilitated guided organizational development assessment of MODe, a Papua New Guinea-based NGO specializing in OD services for development institutions in the Asia Pacific. August-September 2007.

Peace Paths- Assissi Development Foundation. Designed and facilitated regular conferences, peace dialogues and conflict management trainings for indigenous people’s groups and tri-people communities in Mindanao. Since 2004

Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP). Lead trainer and facilitator for a series of Peace and Conflict Sensitive Programming workshops conducted by OPAPP-Peace Institutions Development Office (PIDO) for its regional convergence groups in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao from August-December 2008.

Served as main resource person for Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment (PCIA) training for OPAPP department heads and program officers. January 2008

Facilitated a series of multi-stakeholders’ workshops on Conflict Analysis and PCIA for the Regional Kalahi Convergence Group which coordinates government efforts for peace and development in Region 6, Region 7 and CARAGA. 2007-2008

Mediators' Network for Sustainable Development (MedNet). Designed and conducted two annual Trainers' Training Courses for Med Net members and partners from the NGO, LGU and church groups where key competencies such as conflict mapping, communication, negotiation and mediation were developed. 2006-2007.

Japan Institute for Cooperation and Development (JICA and Office of the Presidential Adviser to the Peace Process (OPAPP). Designed sessions and led a team of facilitators for a series of four courses on community organizing-community development, peacebuilding and training skills development for the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) Firstline Peace and Development Facilitators. July 2006- present.

GoP-UNDP ACT for Peace Programme. Designed and facilitated a training workshop on Integrated Peace Governance for the ARMM Regional Legislative Assembly who were introduced to peacebuilding concepts and frameworks and trained in legislative processes for peace agenda. January 2009.

Designed and trained Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment facilitators among LGU partners in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) and DILG senior officers in Mindanao. September – December 2006 and August 2007.

Designed and facilitated workshops on Conflict Mapping and Analysis for multi-stakeholders in CARAGA Region, Palawan, SockSargen, General Santos, Maguindanao and Davao City to enable strategic planning for peace and development in conflict-affected areas. February to September 2006.

Local Government Support Program. Facilitated workshops and undertook coaching sessions with LGUs on Organizational Strengthening for the Local Governance Resource Center (LGRC) program from January to March 2006.

Local Governance Support Program in ARMM. Designed and facilitated an intensive training program for community organizers working in conflict-affected areas in Central Mindanao. Wrote the manual on “Empowering Communities for Self-Determination” which documented the CO training experience. May 2008-August 2009

As research coordinator and facilitator, designed and facilitated multi-stakeholders’ discussions on the research study on Land Tenure Conflicts in Central Mindanao which was spearheaded by MedNet from January-July 2009.

Advised a local team of technical people and community organizers in the implementation and evaluation of a project for the Strengthening of Peace Mechanisms in two Municipalities in ARMM from September 2008-July 2009.

Designed and facilitated peace and conflict impact assessment (PCIA) learning conference among PCIA practitioners in the Philippines. April 6-7, 2008.

Facilitated a two-day conference on LGUs Experiences in Peacebuilding for local resource partners of LGSPA in Mindanao where a statement was issued to advocate for support to LGU peace work. April 8-9, 2008.

Coordinated a series of PCIA workshops among LGSPA partners which resulted to the development of a Fieldguide for Mainstreaming PCIA in Local Governance. March 2007-November 2008.

Facilitated conferences for LGUs in Peacebuilding and Local Conflict Resolution Mechanisms in Mindanao. December 2006 and December 2007.

Coordinated and served as resource person for the project on Improving LGU Capacities in Human Resource Management. December 2005- April 2006.

Participatory Development Forum. Facilitated a one-day capacity building workshop on Harnessing Women’s Healing Energies for Conflict Resolution at the 4-day Participatory Development Forum held at the University of Ottawa, Canada, August 2005.

Co-facilitated a session on Best Practices in Indigenous Conflict Resolution at the 4-day Participatory Development Forum held at the University of Ottawa, Canada, August 2005.

Facilitated a capacity building workshop on Conflict Resolution for international participants at the 3-day Participatory Development Forum held at the University of Guelph, Canada, July 2002.

United Nations Development Program-European Union Programme on the Rehabilitation of IDPs. Designed and coordinated the documentation of significant experiences in humanitarian response in Mindanao which resulted to a publication entitled “Upholding Life in the Worst of Times: Response to Conflict and Calamity Emergencies in Mindanao” , Philippines, June-July 2005.

Philippines-Canada Development Fund -Tabang Mindanaw. Designed and facilitated a three-day conference among peace zone communities where insights from the implementation of the Integrated Return and Rehabilitation Program (IRRP) implemented in Mindanao Philippines were summarized and assessed for future strategy development. December 2-4, 2004 .

OXFAM-Great Britain. Served as Resource Person for OXFAM-GB Sri Lanka staff on Culture of Peace and Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment, May 22-30, 2004.

Evaluated LAFFCOD, an NGO specializing in Community-Based Coastal Resource Management (CBCRM) and operating in the areas of Lanao del Norte, Philippines, October-December 2001.

Provided management consultancy services for the research on Strategic Management Training Program for Indigenous People’s Communities in the Philippines, 1998-1999.

OXFAM-Hongkong/Great Britain. Coordinated three phases of one-year projects on Community based Peacebuilding in Mindanao, Philippines, November 2001-December 2004.

Designed and coordinated a Training Program for Peace and Development Advocates on Community Organizing ) in Central Mindanao, Philippines , February 2005 – present .

Asian Institute of Technology- NGDO Management Consortium (based in Bangkok, Thailand). Resource Person for Workshop on Development and Peace in Colombo, Sri Lanka, May 30, 2004.

Coordinated and facilitated a series of three-week Management Development Courses for Asian NGOs in Nepal, Sri Lanka, India Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines (1994-1997).

NOVIB. Evaluated a three-year program of Al Mujadillah on The Role of Women in Peacebuilding. May 2009

Co-facilitated processes for the organizational assessment of NOVIB partner Al Mujadillah Development Foundation. May 2005

As part of an Evaluation Team, conducted an evaluation of the Post Conflict Community Development Program of MinLand, a Mindanao based partner of NOVIB, August 2003.

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA- LGSP). Facilitated three batches of training for Local Government Units and Civil Society Organizations on Lobbying, Negotiation and Advocacy, Philippines, January 2004.

Provided input as Local Peace Facilitator to the LGPSA Design Mission Team on the Peace Component of the LGSP Program with CIDA, Philippines,December 2003-January 2004.

Coordinated peace and unity initiatives in 5 municipalities in regions XII and ARMM. Designed and co-facilitated the Training Conference on Peace and Unity focused on Conflict Mapping and Impact Assessment held for peacebuilders in the Philippines, January 2003.

Designed and co-facilitated a two-phased workshop entitled “Walking the Path of Peace” on Culture of Peace and Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment for CIDA-LGSP Local Resource Parnters in the Philippines, May-June 2003.

Provided inputs to the design of the CIDA- LGSP ARMM Program as member of the Design Mission Team from November 2003-January 2004.

Kalahi-CIDDS Program. Facilitated a module on Conflict Resolution through Interest-Based Mediation for four batches of training participants to the KALAHI-CIDDS program, Philippines, May-June 2003.

Heiffer Philippines International. Member of Evaluation Team tasked to assess the strategies of HPI specifically on the aspect of gender equality promotion, Philippines (June-August 2002).

AZEECON-North Bengal Training Institute. Coordinated and facilitated a 10-day Regional Training on Strategic Management for the Asian Zone of Economic and Environmental Network, Bangladesh, (August 2000).

Catholic Relief Services. Co-coordinated and documented Workshop for Media Practitioners in Mindanao entitled “Images and Voices of Peace” , Philippines, (July 25-27, 2000).

UNESCO. Served as resource person for the Launching of Manifesto 2000 for the International Year of the Culture of Peace in Kathmandu, Nepal, (April 2000).

GOLD-PhilDHRRA. Provided training and consultancy services for the OD/Capability Building Program focused on Network Building for Local Governance in General Santos City, Saranggani Province, North Cotabato and Lanao del Norte, Philippines.

UN Multi-Donor Program. Coordinated a Training Program for Peace and Development Advocates (PDAs) which aimed to integrate Community Organizing as a strategy for building a Culture of Peace, Philippines (January-June 2000).

Coordinated and facilitated the first Bangsamoro Civil Society Forum on Peace and Development in Mindanao, General Santos City, Philippines, (May 28-29, 2001).

Coordinated and facilitated Culture of Peace Festival: Celebrating Synergy among Peace Educators, Davao City, Philippines, (February 8-10, 2000).

Coordinated and facilitated a series of Roundtable Discussions on Peace and Development in Mindanao, Philippines, (February –March 2001).

Resource Person for the Strategic Planning Workshop of the Bangsamoro Women’s Federation, Cotabato City, Philippines, (January 2000).

Resource Person for the Strategic Planning Workhsop of the Metro Kutawato Development Alliance (MKDA), Philippines, (December 1999).

Resource Person for a three-phased hands-on training on the Development of a Capability Building Program for Peace and Development Advocates in SZOPAD, Philippines, (1998).

Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Services-Bangladesh. Evaluated the impact of Training Courses on NGDO Management and Strategic Management conducted for the senior managers of RDRS, Bangladesh, (1995-1997).

Training on Mediation

Bridging Leadership for Societal Divides in Conflict-affected areas sponsored by the Asian Institute of Management, Philippines. November 2003 and May 2004

Course on Culture of Peace / Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment sponsored by the Agriteam-Canadian International Development Agency (Agriteam-CIDA), Philippines . January 2003 and June 2003.

Identity-Based Conflict as a Resource for Peacebuilding. Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute, Catholic Relief Services –Mennonite Coordinating Committee, Philippines July 2001

Speakers’ Pool Training on Mindanao History, sponsored by the Office of the Presidential Assistant to the Peace Process, Philippines. May-June 2001

Trainors’ Training on Culture of Peace, Manifesto 2000- International Year of the Culture of Peace, UNESCO and Brama Kumaris, Philippines. June 2000

Self-Management for Effective Leadership Series. Annual two-week Cources for Inner Peace, Global Academy for a Better World, Brahma Kumaris, Rajasthan, India, March 1994-March 2000

Trainors’ Training on Principled Negotiation and Conflict Management, sponsored by COTRAIN and PhilDHRRA, 1995

Training on Organizational Development with Dr. Rosalinda Tayko and Dr. Antonio Roldan, ODAI Consultants, Philippines. 1992

Professional Experiences

Independent trainer, facilitator, and consultant to various development stakeholders in the Philippines and some countries in Asia for their institutional and human resource development needs.

Current President of the Board of Trustees of the Mediators’ Network for (MedNet) Sustainable Peace, a national organization of professional mediators in the Philippines. Member since 2008.

Current President of the Board of Trustees of the Interfacing Development Initiatives for Sustainability (IDIS), an NGO working for the protection of watersheds in Davao City. Member of the BOT since 2011.

Member of the Human Development Network since 2006, a national network of human resource development professionals, which publishes the Human Development.

Member of the Board of Directors of Community Organizers’ Multiversity (CO-M) and current association member of TAMBAYAN, a Davao-based NGO working for the promotion of the rights of street children.

Educational Background

Graduate of Bachelor of Arts Major in Philosophy from the University of Sto. Tomas, Manila, Philippines in 1982.

Certificate Course on Human Resource Development from the Ateneo de Manila University Human Resource Center, Philippines. 1996-1997

Certificate Course on Feminist Popular Education from NURSIA, Institute of Women’s Studies, St. Scholastica’s College, Philippines. 1991

Childrearing of an only daughter since 1985.


Program Coordinator, CO Multiversity sa Mindanaw | August 1999- December 2005 | Responsible for organizational and program management of a training institution seeking to integrate Community Organizing-Community Development (CO-CD) in the context of historico-cultural and political realities in Mindanao, Philippines.
Forged meaningful partnerships with multi-cultural groups and civil society groups in sustainable peace and development initiatives through institutional capacity building, leadership mentoring and process consultancy.

Resource Person and Consultant, NGDO Management | Consortium and Chakra Network based in Bangkok, Thailand | 1993-2004 | Designed and conducted NGDO Management Courses for the Chakra Network partner-organizations in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Cambodia and Philippines.

Unit Manager, Institution Building Unit | PhilDHRRA-Mindanao, June 1997-July 1999 | Designed and managed Membership Development Programs focused on the Strategy of Integrated Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (IPSAARD). Provided consultancy services to non-government organizations (NGOs) seeking to strengthen organizational and human resource competence.

Department Manager, Training and Consultancy Department | PhilDHRRA National, January 1992- May 1997 | Provided organizational and program management services for the development and implementation of Human Resource Development programs for a national network of sixty-four (64) agrarian reform-oriented NGOs. Coordinated national and regional programs of the department tasked with the creation of a resource base and the mobilization internal human resources for mainstreaming competencies in training and consultancy.

Training and Program Associate, Regional Secretariat | AsiaDHRRA Jakarta, November 1995- July 1996 | On secondment to the Asian counterpart of PhilDHRRA, was tasked to evaluate development programs of the network and develop a two-year Program on Capability Building, Advocacy, People’s Empowerment and Networking. Assisted in the organizational development of the secretariat operations through the installation of planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation systems and staff development program.

Conceptualized and coordinated the AsiaDHRRA Biennial Conference which was participated in by nine (9) regional member-networks from South East and South Asia.

Program Development Associate | Women’s Action network for Development (WAND), 1990-1991 | Appraised and recommended proposals on gender and development for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)-supported funding mechanism called DIWATA.

------------>>>>>>PAPERS AND MANUALS WRITTEN<<<<<<<------------

“Taking Peace into their Own Hands”. External Evaluation of Tumikang Sama-sama, a local mediators’ body in Sulu, Philippines. September 2012.

“Empowering Communities for Self-Determination”. CO Manual. Published by the LGSPA, Task Force Mapalad and Kadtuntaya Foundation, January 2010.

“Towards Integrated Approaches to Community Organizing in Peace and Development Communities (PDCs)’. Published by the Act for Peace Programme. January 2010.

“Living In Peace: Stories of Transformation”. Published by the Act for Peace Programme. December 2008.

“Mainstreaming Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment in LGU Processes”. Unpublished manual supported by the LGSPA. November 2008.

“Bridging Divides Through Community Based and Technology Based Participatory Communication”, Research paper for PD Forum, Ottawa, Canada, July 2007.

“Community-led and LGU-led Capacity Building for Mediators”, A paper presented in the Third-Party Peacebuilding Conference held in Khon Kaen, Thailand, July 2006.

“Harnessing Women's Healing Energies for Peacebuilding”, A Training Manual developed for NCRFW-WB and presented in the Participatory Development Conference in Ottawa, Canada, August 2005.

“Upholding Life in the Worst of Times: Response to Conflict and Calamity Emergencies in Mindanao”, A Documentation of Exemplary Practices commissioned by the GoP-IDP, Philippines, June-July 2005.

“Putting Money Where the Mouth Is: ODA- A View from the Communities”, An opinion paper published in the Human Development Report 2005, Human Development Network, 2005.

“Making Peace Happen”, The Asia Foundation and CO Multiversity, 2005.

“Integrating Peace in Sustainable Integrated Area Development”, A paper presented in the SIAD Conference organized by PhilDHRRA and LWR for Mindanao partners, May 2004.

“Building Capacities for Conflict Management”, A Training Module presented to the Participatory Development Forum Conference, August 2002.

“CO-CD in Peace and Development Communities”, Multi Donor Programme- Human Resource Development Unit, Philippines, November 2001.