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#WomenInMediation featuring Dinky Soliman

"[D]inky's dedication to the plight of the farmers - she knew by heart their issues, and she became part of the farmers’ struggle for agrarian reform. The farmers recognized this. Dinky was the national coordinator of the Congress for a People’s Agrarian Reform, a coalition of 12 national organizations of farmers, landless agricultural workers, and rural women, and 14 support NGOs from all sections of the political spectrum. As national coordinator, she was the main bridge that brought together these groups. Dinky was a true servant, a champion of the rural basic sectors." - Dr. Brenda Batistiana on Dinky Soliman.

Corazon "Dinky" Juliano Soliman was a mediator, facilitator, consensus builder, community organizer, and public servant. She was appointed Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development under two presidents. She was one of the pillars and founding members of MedNet.

Dinky's skills were honed by her long years of experience in community organizing and further polished by her training in principled negotiation and her studies in consensus building at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Because of this, she attracted and inspired colleagues and friends in the mediation community as well as the people involved in and affected by conflicts—small farmers, landless agricultural workers, fishers, indigenous people, urban poor, and other groups of poor and marginalized people, including the women and youth of these sectors.

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