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#WomenInMediation featuring Marissa Escudero-Puche

"The parties that come before you as a mediator have their stories to tell. It’s really a matter of giving them the opportunity to tell their story and providing the venue where they are also able to listen to the other story. I think that’s the important part of [being a mediator] – creating the atmosphere that they can actually be connected again where they’re able to discuss their conflict in a peaceful way.”

Isang retired Certified Public Accountant at #CourtAnnexedMediator si Marissa Escudero-Puche. Nagsimula ang kanyang mediation career noong 2001, bilang isa sa mahigit na 400 mediators na nagsanay mula sa Supreme Court sa pamamagitan ng Philippine Judicial Academy at Philippine Mediation Center.

Pinarangalan siyang Independent Mediator of the Year noong 2015 at International Mediator of the Year noong 2016 ng Professional Mediators' Association para sa kanyang mga accomplishments bilang isang mediator.


Marissa Escudero-Puche is a retired Certified Public Accountant and a Court-Annexed Mediator. She started her mediation career in 2001 and was among the 400+ mediators trained by the Supreme Court of the Philippines through the Philippine Judicial Academy and the Philippine Mediation Center.

She was awarded the Independent Mediator of the Year in 2015 and International Mediator of the Year in 2016 by the Professional Mediators' Association for her accomplishments as a mediator.

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