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#WomenInMediation featuring Luz Canave-Anung

"Iba ang intuition ng kababaihan. I think women, as well as men, have their own unique strengths. Each has their own qualities to bring into the peace process. I also don't think that women alone can bring the peace process to reality. It should be men and women—together."

Luz Canave-Anung is a mediator, trainer and community development worker. She is the Executive Director of Tambayan Center for Children’s Rights, a non-profit organization based in Davao City. She has 40 years of community development experience in areas of community health, child protection, community organizing, gender-based violence as well as experience in capability building programs for grassroots organizations, government and international nongovernmental organizations.

She is the Vice President of MedNet for Mindanao, in recognition of her active role in the training of local mediators, peoples organizations and NGOs in Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Maguindanao, Marawi City, Bukidnon, and other parts of Mindanao. She is also involved in supporting local mediators in resolving conflicts related to rido.

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