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#WomenInMediation featuring Marides "Madett" Gardiola

"Listening with the heart, connecting the dots, and right brain thinking in generating alternative narratives and options—these are what we accentuate as women's unique competencies as mediators. Ultimately, the goal is to strengthen among all stakeholders this 'feminine principle' as a creative force towards positive peace."

Madett is MedNet’s President. She is an independent facilitator, trainer and educator who has worked with communities seeking the transformation of individuals and society through empowerment strategies to address issues of poverty, dependency and conflict.

For more than 20 years, the expertise that were developed in areas of organizational and human resource development, gender mainstreaming, cultural integrity and peacebuilding has brought her to work with women’s organizations, children’s rights groups, peasants, urban settlers and, in recent years, indigenous and Moro groups in the Philippines and some countries in Asia.

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