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Send heartwarming e-greeting cards and donate to the cause of peace!

At MedNet, we help local communities, organizations, government, and other institutions across the Philippines resolve conflicts through mediation and peaceful dialogue. Purchase any of these e-greeting cards and you help us continue our advocacy. Each card costs Php250 which can be paid through the payment centers listed below. If you wish to donate more, you may add to the price of your e-card of choice. Choose your preferred e-greeting card, tap the “CLICK HERE TO DONATE” button and you will be directed to a google form that will help us process your order and donation. Each donation matters. Thank you for your contribution.

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Upcoming Events

APRIL 2022

e-Learning Forum:
Mediating Behavior Amidst Political Differences

MedNet Cafe:
Community-based Spaces for Dialogue (feat. community mediators from Luzon)